Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I have heard from several peeps that I am ignoring my blog and asking if I'm okay.  Yes we are all fine and dandy here just keeping busy as I will happily post soon.  Updating this blog is on my list of things to get done asap.

So thank you to those of you who do check on this blog and check on me.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween

Hannah Montana in the house!! Actually Madi Montana!
Madi has decided that she thinks Hannah Montana is the best so what better to be for halloween than her!  I really think she was more excited to be wearing a long haired wig...she has since informed me that she wants to have her hair as long as her HM wig.  Nice.

The past couple years we have been blessed to have such wonderful friends who host a "Halloween party". We all go over and have some yummy food then get all the kiddos ready...attempt to take a group  picture...then head out for some massive trick or treating.  Below is the attempted group photo.

So many kids, so much fun and so many different costumes = all really great!

I felt bad for some of the very nice people handing out candy...there were moments of craziness when all the kids rushed the doors and driveways at the same time.  But seemed that everyone survived and all the parents and kiddos were very happy and tired at the nights end.

Madi was so excited to check out all her loot!  As we were driving home that night she said, "Mom, do you think if I dressed up again tomorrow, rang door bells and said trick or treat, would the people who live there give me their left over candy?"  Really.....what a great thought I told her but with all the kids around I just don't think there are many leftovers and Halloween only is one day.  Her response, "maybe I can try that next year" I hope she forgets.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

State Fair

I have always loved the Arizona State dad use to take me every October when I was kid and I cherish those fair memories.  I have forced that fair love on Brady and Madi, however Madi seems to really be excited year after year.  She is completely unfazed by most of the rides.  She'll go on all of them.  Last year she was just a few inches too short for lots of them and all year long she kept asking if she was tall sure enough she was!! She can go on pretty much all the rides...she even wanted to go on the death drop ride...thankfully she wasn't tall enough for that one this year.

Since the State Fair usually comes around my birthday, that's what we did for it...birthday at the State Fair, my cake....Funnel Cake. I know it's super bad for me but I only have it once a year so I think it's fine :)  Thanks for a fun day and Happy Birthday to me!!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Schnepf Farms

Is there a funner place to visit during the fall? We don't think so!! We have made going to Schnepf Farms our family tradition (this is year 2:) to go each October. We did sooo many fun things there that by the time we got home we all crashed. Here are a few of the activities we partook in: watched the dog show, almost was talked into a new puppy (me more so than Brady), roller coaster, swings, long tunnel slide, big bike path, kiddie bike maze, face painting, haystack climbing, bee riding, tree house climbing, shaved ice, and of course picking out our family pumpkin for Halloween.

Now we are really ready for Halloween!!